Package for Linux (it's easy)

Why Odyssey uses Linux

You're probably wondering why your project needs to be packaged for Linux. While Windows-based pixel stream systems are great if you only need a small number of users to access your project, they do not scale well.

Odyssey is built for dynamic scaling of Unreal pixel streaming sessions, where 1000+ users could join your session in an instant. The only way that massive scaling is possible is by using Linux builds.

Installing Linux toolchain (it's easy we promise)

  1. Download the Linux Cross-Compile Toolchain for your Unreal Engine version. Here is the correct download for 5.2:

  2. Open the downloaded file to install the Cross-Compile Toolchain. Just leave everything at default... And that's it! You're ready to package to Linux now.

Package your project for Linux

  1. Open your project

  2. Select Platforms -> Linux -> Package Project

  3. Select an output directory and wait for the packaging process to finish.

  4. Go to your packaging output directory (Linux) and zip the directory (right click -> Compress to ZIP file).

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