Session states


If you want to learn more about the local session status you can watch for MessageChannel event payloads with type == "session-state".

This can be particularly useful when developing your own user interface and seeking information about user-related events, such as a user's AFK status or when a user reaches the maximum session length. Each will contain a value field with one of the following values:

  • afk-warning - A user has been idle, and if no activity is detected within the next 2 minutes, they will be removed

  • afk-reset - Activity detected from an idle user; the AFK timer has been reset

  • afk-closing - The user has been idle for an extended period and will be removed from the space immediately

  • max-session-reached - The user has reached the maximum session duration and will be removed from the space immediately

Example payload

  "type": "session-state",
  "value": "max-session-reached"

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