Create and publish your space

In Odyssey, a space is a URL where your audience can access your project. You can create as many of these as you want per project.

Each space has its own settings, share permissions, and multiplayer server.

Create a space

  1. After uploading your Unreal project, open the project's settings page.

  2. Click the Create new space button here:

Edit any settings and enter your space

  1. Once you've made your space you'll be in its settings panel.

  2. When you're ready to jump in click the Go to space button.

To enter a space you'll need to set up billing. Read more here: Subscriptions

Publish your space

  1. You can edit your space settings at any point by clicking the Odyssey logo:

  1. In the Settings menu navigate to Sharing.

  2. For now let's make the link publicly available. Toggle on Publish space

  3. 🎉 Your Unreal project is now public! Use Copy link and you have your live URL ready to share.

You can read about how to fine-tune your permissions here: Sharing and permissions

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