Instant Multiplayer overview and quickstart

Instant Multiplayer allows you to easily turn any unreal project into a multiplayer experience.

  • A multiplayer server will be automatically built and managed by Odyssey's backend.

  • You can enable Spatial voice & video for your users to see and hear one another.

  • You can use avatars if you want a high-fidelity, networked, customizable player pawn.

Currently Instant Multiplayer only supports UE version 5.2.1

Enable Instant Multiplayer

  1. Enable multiplayer in Project Settings -> Odyssey -> Multiplayer

Select player type

Decide whether you want to use your own player pawn, or ready-to-use avatars for your multiplayer experience.

  1. Select your choice in Project Settings -> Odyssey -> Player Type.

  2. Follow the Odyssey Validator prompts to let it autofix your project and gamemode settings.

Add Odyssey Multiplayer Player Spawn

Using regular Player Start actors in a multiplayer scenario can lead to game breaking issues. Use the Odyssey Multiplayer Player Spawn instead to ensure correct networked player spawn behavior.

  1. Find the Odyssey Multiplayer Player Spawn in the Place Actors tab.

  2. Drag this volume to your level at a place where you want your users to start their experience.

Build and deploy

To deploy an Instant Multiplayer build, you don't package your build as normal. Instead you upload your full project and let Odyssey's backend compile your client and server targets.

  1. Go to the Odyssey toolbar -> Zip Odyssey Multiplayer.

  1. Select the output directory and wait for the archive process to finish.

  2. Upload the generated zip file using the standard web uploader. When prompted for the build type, choose `Multiplayer` to ensure your project builds properly.

  1. After uploading, our backend will build your client and server targets. This will take a bit of time, roughly 30 minutes for small projects, to an hour for large projects.

After uploading your project, and while our backend builds it, it is safe to leave your dashboard or enter other spaces.

  1. 🎉 Once your build is complete and shows successful deployment you can make a space, share the link, and have a multiplayer experience!

Your server will automatically start when the first user enters, and spin down when the last user leaves.

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