Vulkan renderer

Odyssey ships all projects using Linux, which uses the Vulkan renderer. Currently Vulkan has some limitations that can either cause stability issues, or visual differences from Windows.

Epic is committed to fixing these issues and bringing Vulkan inline with directX on the 5.4 release.

Known issues

  • Hardware Raytracing is not supported.

  • DLSS is not supported.

  • SM6 features are not supported.

  • Panning textures are not supported.

  • Virtual shadow maps can occasionally have visual issues.

  • Nanite double-sided foliage renders incorrectly.

Testing Vulkan locally

It's helpful at times to test Vulkan locally if you are debugging certain visual issues.

You can achieve this by packaging your project locally and running with -Vulkan argument.

  1. Enable SM5 in Project Settings -> Platforms - Windows -> Vulkan Targeted Shader Formats.

  2. Package your project.

  3. Run your project through a command line with the -Vulkan argument.

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