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Realtime Configurator overview and quickstart
Realtime Configurator is a set of features that allow you or your users to customize your project during runtime in various ways.
Features include:
  • Sketchfab importer - Import and modify GLTF models from Sketchfab.
  • Actor importer - Import saved actors from your project.
  • Level & Object Configurator - Type-based options to modify your level or objects.
  • Media importer - Create media annotations that open video or web panels.
  • streams - Create in-world screens that you can push live video feeds to.
Realtime Configurator features are backed by a per-space database.
Changes are automatically synced, and networked to multiplayer users.

Enable Realtime Configurator

  1. 2.
    Enable Configurator in Project Settings -> Odyssey -> Configurator
  1. 3.
    Open the main level of your project, and in the Place Actor panel (Window -> Place Actor), drag the Odyssey Configurator actor into your level.
  1. 4.
    Save your level, and deploy your project as normal.
Once enabled your project will automatically have GLTF importer, Media importer, and In-world streams.
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