Realtime Configurator overview and quickstart

Realtime Configurator is a set of features that allow you or your users to customize your project during runtime in various ways.

Features include:

  • Sketchfab importer - Import and modify GLTF models from Sketchfab.

  • Actor importer - Import saved actors from your project.

  • Level & Object Configurator - Type-based options to modify your level or objects.

  • Media importer - Create media annotations that open video or web panels.

  • Dolby.io streams - Create in-world screens that you can push live video feeds to.

Realtime Configurator features are backed by a per-space database.

Changes are automatically synced, and networked to multiplayer users.

Enable Realtime Configurator

  1. Enable Configurator in Project Settings -> Odyssey -> Configurator

  1. Open the main level of your project, and in the Place Actor panel (Window -> Place Actor), drag the Odyssey Configurator actor into your level.

  1. 🎉Save your level, and deploy your project as normal.

Once enabled your project will automatically have GLTF importer, Media importer, and In-world streams.

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