in-world streams

This feature is only available for Enterprise customers for multiplayer projects

Streams are in-world screens that display a live stream media source running through streaming service. streams provides sub-second latency, broadcast-quality color and sound, and end-to-end encryption.

Adding a stream

  1. Once in a space open your media importer panel and select the Stream option.

  2. Then click Add stream.

  3. Once placed you can modify it's properties to change various behavior like volume, attenuation, and visual appearance.

Screenshare to your stream

  1. The easiest way to push content to your stream items is through in-app screensharing.

  2. You can screenshare while in a huddle session. While in huddle and screensharing, click the Cast to 3D screens button - this will push your screenshare to your stream items.

  3. Read more about Huddle.

Currently, you are unable to share your audio while using this feature.

Streaming from OBS

OBS is a good approach if you have a more complex broadcast requirement that you can't achieve with a simple screen-share. To use OBS, you'll need to download a custom OBS fork: "OBS on WebRTC" HERE.

  1. To begin, download and install the OBS-WebRTC client to your PC or Mac. Then go to the OBS settings panel and click to open it.

  2. From the "Controls" menu click on the Settings button which will open the Settings panel. From here, click on the "Stream" option. Then from the "Stream Type" dropdown, select "Millicast WebRTC Streaming Platform".

  3. Fill out the Stream Name and Publishing Token with the info from Space Settings.

  4. Change the Codec to VP9.

  5. Hit the Start Streaming button and you should be pushing out your source live.

Seeing your stream

Once you've started a stream from one of your sources, you'll see it render automatically to your screens in-world. You don't have to do anything else to turn them on in-world. When you want to stop the screens playing, simply stop the source you chose.

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