Stream loading states


If you wish to know more about the stream loading state, or even build your own loading UI, you can watch for MessageChannel event payloads with type == "stream-loading-state". Each will contain a value field with one of the following values:

Note: Percentage is provided to help indicate how far through the loading process each state is

  • play-button-clicked - If you are using our loading screen, the user has selected the "Join" button

  • received-video-frames - Stream has received at least 60 frames or 1MB of video data - 110%

  • ready - Pixel stream player is ready and playing - 100%

  • webrtc-connected - WebRTC is connected to the Unreal Engine game client - 90%

  • webrtc-connecting - WebRTC is connecting to the Unreal Engine game client - 75%

  • unreal-client-started - Unreal Engine game client has started - 50%

  • waiting-for-compute - Waiting for a compute node on which to run the Unreal Engine game client - 25%

Additional Info

There's also the additionalInfo field which is a map of extra contextual information. Here's the possible values:

  • isRefresh: boolean- Informs whether this state change occurred as part of a browser refresh or not.

Example payload

  "type": "stream-loading-state",
  "value": "ready"
  "additionalInfo": {
    "isRefresh": false

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