Add the Odyssey plugin

Add Odyssey plugin to your Unreal Engine version


  1. Open the installer

  2. Locate the Epic Games directory on your machine and select the desired Unreal Engine version for installing Odyssey plugins

  1. Click through the install process (Next -> Install)

Ensure you are connected to the internet before proceeding, as the plugins require an internet connection for installation

  1. Allow the installer to complete the download and extraction of the plugins

  2. Click Finish to close the installer


  1. Go to your Unreal Engine install directory

  2. Navigate to Engine -> Plugins -> Marketplace and paste the file there

  3. Unzip the archive (right click -> Extract all... -> Extract)

Enable the Odyssey plugin in your project

  1. Open your Unreal Engine project

  2. Go to Edit -> Plugins

  3. Search for Odyssey, and enable the Odyssey plugin

  4. Follow the prompt to restart the editor

  5. When the editor starts again, accept the Update your project prompt

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