Odyssey has provided customizable, high-fidelity avatars to use in your project. The avatars are already networked, animated, and do not require any configuration to use.

Features include:

  • Metahuman bodies & clothing - Diverse set of body and clothing options.

  • Ready Player Me heads - Users can easily create heads from their likeness.

  • High-fidelity animations - Naturalistic movements crafted by Odyssey.

  • Loading screen integration - Users can customize while waiting.

Avatars are completely optional. You can also use your own networked player.

Enable Avatars

Enabling Avatars is easy and doesn't require any configuration or code.

  1. Open your project. Navigate to Project Settings -> Odyssey -> Player Type.

  2. Set Player Type to Odyssey Avatar.

  3. Follow the validation prompts that will correctly set up your project settings.

  1. When you ship your project you will now automatically be using Avatars for your player pawn.

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