Actor importer

Actor Importer allows you define a library of blueprint actors from within your project that you can then import and place in your level during runtime.

Enable Actor Importer

  1. Create a new Odyssey Configurator Objects Library asset in your Content Browser.

  1. Find the OdysseyConfiguratorRegistryActor instance in your main level (added in Quickstart). In the Details panel, under Odyssey -> Configurator Objects Library, add your Configurator Objects Library asset.

Add an actor to your objects library

  1. To create a new importable actor, create a new blueprint of class OdysseyConfigurable.

  2. You can also reparent an existing blueprint class to OdysseyConfigurable.

Make sure the pivot of your custom actor is in the middle of its bounds, otherwise the runtime import drag functionality will break.

  1. Open your Odyssey Configurator Objects Library asset.

  2. Add new row (with the following +Add button) and select it:

  1. Fill the row data:

    1. Set Configurable Actor Class to your actor blueprint.

    2. Set Thumb to a public image URL you want to show in the menu.

    3. Set Display Name to the name you want to show in the menu.

  2. 🎉You'll now see your actor when you navigate to your Realtime Configurator menu in your project space.

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