Concurrent user limits

Odyssey is built for dynamic scaling of Unreal pixel streaming sessions, where 1000+ concurrent users could join your session in an instant.

Expecting more than 1000+ CCU?

If you have an event or experience planned, from which you expect greater than one thousand concurrent users, please be in touch via Discord.

Space Limits & Sharding

Spaces, by default, are limited to 35 concurrent users.

If you want to increase this, you can enable the Allow Sharding space setting. This removes any limit on how many concurrent users your space can support.

What is a shard?

A shard is like a sub-space for multiplayer projects. Shards have their own game-servers but share space settings (like configuration, permissions, and streams).

Users on one shard will only be able to interact other users on the same shard, but will see any updates pushed to the space - like configuration updates.

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