Huddle offers an alternative to spatialized comms. It allows users to seamlessly join a global channel, facilitating conversations with individuals in the same virtual space regardless of their location – even while on the loading screen.

Connecting to huddle

You can connect to a space's huddle at any time by opening the participant menu and selecting the Join huddle button.

You can disconnect from huddle by selecting the Leave huddle button located in both the huddle and participant menu.

Connecting to huddle removes you from the spatial audio channel. Huddled users will be unable to communicate with users who are connected to the spatial audio channel.

Huddle invitations

To invite users to huddle, open the participant menu and select the Invite to Huddle button found next to the user's name you would like to invite.

You will receive a notification when another user has sent you a huddle invite. Select the Join Huddle button to accept the invite or the Dismiss button to ignore the invite and close the notification.

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