Usage and billing

All your billing and payment information can be managed in one place.

Sign up for Odyssey

Sign Up or Log In

To get started, make sure you are logged in to your Odyssey account. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up by visiting the sign up page. Enter your email and then click the "Next" button. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Follow the confirmation link to return to Odyssey to create your organization.

Create Your Organization

After signing up or logging in, you will be directed to the organization creation page. Here, you will need to provide a name for your organization. Choose a name that represents your project, team, or initiative. Once you've entered the organization name, click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

Enter Billing Information

The "Proceed to Checkout" button will take you to the checkout portal. Here's where you will enter your billing information. Enter your credit card information in the secure billing form. Don't worry, nothing will be billed at this point! You are signing up for the pay-as-you-go tier, which means it costs nothing to get started and you will only be charged when you upgrade your plan or purchase additional credits or storage.


This step will not result in a charge to your card. Your credit card information is required for account verification purposes and to ensure a smooth transition should you choose to upgrade your plan or make additional purchases in the future.

Odyssey takes your security seriously and has partnered with Stripe to ensure that your information is encrypted and protected.

Complete the Setup

Once you have entered your billing information, click the "Subscribe" button. You've successfully created your organization on Odyssey. You'll now have access to the platform's powerful tools and features to begin creating your Pixel Streaming experience.

Purchasing credits

Each credit costs $3 and is equivalent to one streaming hour. Whether you are on our free pay-as-you-go plan or one of our paid subscriptions, managing your streaming credits ensures uninterrupted streaming access. When you sign up for our platform, your streaming journey begins with the option that suits you best.

Included credits

When you choose our free pay-as-you-go plan, you will receive an initial deposit of 2 streaming credits. These credits are available right away, allowing you to start streaming without delay. If you opt for one of our paid subscriptions, we provide you with 2 streaming credits per month. These hours are automatically credited to your account at the start of each billing cycle.

Purchasing and managing credits

If your streaming credits run low, replenishing them is a breeze via your billing dashboard. Simply head to the "Credits" section, where you can purchase additional credits to keep your streaming seamless. These credits are available at a rate of $3 per credit.

To ensure uninterrupted streaming during your sessions, our platform has you covered. We'll notify you when your credits are running low, presenting the message right within your active streaming sessions. This empowers you to proactively secure more credits and avoid any interruption.

However, if you happen to deplete your streaming credits without replenishing them, a temporary streaming halt will occur across all your spaces for all users. This pause remains in effect until you've added more credits to your account. Users cannot initiate any new streaming sessions during this time.

To manage your streaming credits, visit your account billing dashboard. Here, you can monitor your current credit balance, view your streaming history, and purchase additional credits as needed.

Upgrading your subscription

Selecting your plan

As you consider the next steps in enhancing your streaming experience, we're excited to introduce you to our range of upgraded plan options. Moving beyond the Free Base plan, you'll discover two distinct tiers tailored to meet varying needs. Each tier unlocks a new level of capabilities and benefits, allowing you to choose the plan that best aligns with your goals. Whether you're an individual creator, a team deploying streaming experiences at scale, or an enterprise seeking the pinnacle of fidelity and support, our tiered plans offer a comprehensive solution for your streaming journey. Explore the features and advantages associated with each plan to make an informed choice that elevates your streaming endeavors.

Available plans

$0 per month$20 per month (billed monthly)Contact us for pricing details
Designed for builders and creators looking to explore the capabilities of our platform.Ideal for teams seeking to deploy Unreal Engine streaming experiences at scale.Tailored for teams requiring the highest possible fidelity and comprehensive support.
- Basic GPUs for optimized streaming performance.
- 1 admin seat to manage your streaming projects.
- No Concurrent User (CCU) limits, ensuring a seamless experience for your viewers.
- No project limits, allowing you to work on multiple streaming projects.
- Mid-range GPUs for enhanced streaming quality.
- Infinite admin seats, accommodating larger teams and collaboration.
- No CCU limits, ensuring smooth streaming for all your users.
- No project limits, enabling the creation of numerous streaming projects.
- High-end GPUs for top-tier streaming quality and performance.
- Whitelabeling options to showcase your branding.
- Enterprise plugins for advanced customization and functionality.
- Dedicated account representative support for personalized assistance.

Remember, each tier offers unique advantages to match your streaming requirements. Whether you're looking to explore, scale, or achieve the highest quality, upgrading your plan ensures a tailored streaming experience for you and your team. To upgrade your plan follow these steps:

Upgrading steps

  1. Navigate: Go to your account settings or dashboard.
  2. Upgrade: Look for the "Upgrade Plan" or "Change Plan" option.
  3. Select Tier: Choose the desired plan (Base, Pro, or Enterprise) from the available options.
  4. Confirm: Review the plan details, including pricing and features.
  5. Payment: If applicable, provide the necessary payment information to complete the upgrade.
  6. Enjoy: Once the upgrade is confirmed, you'll immediately gain access to the features and benefits of your chosen tier.

Updating payment details and canceling your subscription

If you need to modify your payment information, including credit cards and billing addresses, the procedure is simple. Log in to your account, access the billing dashboard, and find the "Billing summary" section. Click on "Manage in Stripe" to update your payment details or add a new card.

Canceling your subscription

Should you choose to cancel your plan, rest assured that we've made this process straightforward while ensuring you have access until your current billing cycle has ended. Log in to your account, access the billing dashboard, and find the "Billing summary" section. Click on "Manage in Stripe" and locate the cancellation option. Confirm your choice, and your plan will be canceled. You'll retain access to your account until your billing cycle ends, enabling you to continue using Odyssey until then.