Add teleporters to your environment that Odyssey.

Introduction to Teleporters

The basic tool to use to integrate the teleporting into a project is by using theOdysseyPlayerTeleportervolume class.

Drag two instances of the OdysseyPlayerTeleporter blueprint actor into the level from the Odyssey category in the Place Actors panel. Assign the Destination property in both instances.


Teleport destinationIndicates the destination of the teleport instance. This property can be left empty if the teleport instance is only a destination. This feature can be used to create one-directional teleporters. Multiple instances of the OdysseyPlayerTeleporter can point to a single destination as well.

Spawn rotationIndicates the rotation of the avatar after spawning at the teleport instance location

Custom shapes

OdysseyPlayerTeleporter volume can take any shape, as explained in this tutorial.