Spatial comms component

Add a spatial comms component to your custom player class.

Introduction to spatial comms

Even if you use your own custom player, you can still hook into Odyssey's spatial comms system powered by This will provide your users with the spatial webcam and audio functionality that is native to our default avatar player controller.

You can read more about this feature here: spatial comms docs

If you are using Odyssey's avatar player controller - you don't have to do anything. Spatial comms are automatically included.

Add Odyssey Spatial Comms component to your Pawn

To register a custom player pawn with Odyssey Spatial Comms system, add the Odyssey Spatial Comms actor component to your custom Player Pawn class.

Set its relative location in the actor's component hierarchy, or attach it to a socked of your custom Player Pawn skeletal mesh.

Once the project is published in Odyssey, the Spatial Comms video feeds are displayed at the location of the Odyssey Spatial Comms component. The same location is used for audio attenuation calculations.