Space settings

The ways you can adjust your space to work for different metaverse activations.

Opening space settings

You can adjust your space in several ways to tune it to different activation types.

Open the Space Settings either through your Spaces list on your organization page, or through the Settings icon when within a space (the top-left button).

General settings

Here you can change your space's name, description, and splash image.

These affect your space's landing page and loading screen. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and click Save when you are complete making changes.

Advanced settings

You can modify other aspects of your space:


  • Simple Avatars: Turn on translucent avatars. Useful for architecture visualizations.
  • Movement Controls: Change how users move through the space. Use Gaming if you want your users to have more freedom in their navigation ability. Otherwise use Normal.


  • Restrict Huddle Access: Enable if you want to restrict the Huddle feature to only user that have can edit role on the space.


  • Vimeo: Add a vimeo video frame to everyone's window. You can turn this on/off live with the Go Live toggle. Useful for adding ambient audio/video or creating a live stream that reaches all your users.



  • Allow Sharding: Allow your space to scale beyond the 40 user max limit, by creating replica spaces as more users join.
  • Detect Idle Users: Controls how long it takes for users to be kicked when they are AFK. You might want to increase this if your activation requires users to sit and watch a presentation for a long time, for instance.