Sketchfab model importer

Finding and adding 3D models to a space with sketchfab

Intro to Sketchfab

Sketchfab is the leading 3D model repository that allows artists to easily publish or find 3D content. Sketchfab houses over one millions models, with many of those being available for download or purchase.

With Odyssey's Sketchfab integration, you are able to search the Sketchfab vast 3D model collection directly in-app. You can also log into your Sketchfab account (we highly recommend you make one, it's free!) and import models you have purchased or imported, and see collections you've created.

Using Sketchfab in Odyssey

Using Sketchfab in Odyssey is easy. Make sure you read through the intro on adding items to your space first, if you haven't.

When you open edit mode, and the items panel you'll see the 3D Model option. Click that, and you should see the following.

You don't have to sign-up with a Sketchfab account to use this panel but we highly recommend you do. Some of the benefits are:

  • It's free to sign up with Sketchfab!
  • In the browse panel, you'll be able to automatically download models directly into the environment with 1 click.
  • Sketchfab is a great way to manage your team's models, or liked models, to use across different spaces.

Signing up with Sketchfab

To sign-in, use the Log in button, and follow the prompts to the signup page.

After completing the sign-up process, and validating your email address, you'll be presented with an Authorization request page. Click Accept and wait for the Sketchfab service to redirect you to Odyssey.

Browse Models

You can browse the collection of over one million models that have uploaded to Sketchfab from other users, by using the Browse tab.

The Sketchfab collection is broken down into some basic categories. This can help you filter your search results, or just see what's popular within each category.

Your Sketchfab models, collections, and likes

Once you sign into Sketchfab you can see details from your account, by clicking on your account icon on the top-right of the panel.

In a dropdown menu you'll be able to see models you've uploaded onto Sketchfab, model collections you've made, collections you've subscribed to, and any likes you've given on the platform.

We highly recommend taking advantage of these features, as they allow you and your team to maintain a consistent library of assets across your spaces.


You can see any models you've recently placed in your space by using the Recent tab.

GLTF model importer

If you prefer to upload your own models, you can do that as well!

Odyssey currently supports models in the GLTF (or equivalent .glb) format. Most model editing software supports exporting in GLTF or GLB. We recommend exporting to .glb as it's a single file thus easier to manage.


If your model is in unpacked Gltf format, you'll need to zip the outermost folder first. You'll know if this is case because your .gltf model file will be stored next to a .bin file.

Drop you model (either .glb or .zip) into the uploader on Upload tab, or click on the uploader and pick your model file.

Model properties

Once you've placed or selected a model, you'll be able to see it's property panels.

Specific to models is the ability to turn on Collision. Turning this on will make the object impossible to walk through.


Collision will be ignored if the model is placed in the spawn area of the space.