Single player [experimental]

You can also ship your project in single player mode. This is currently an experimental feature and disables many of the included Odyssey modules.

Building a single player project

By default Odyssey automatically builds a server target and connects users to a multiplayer session. This can be detrimental however for projects that include code that doesn't easily translate into networked scenarios. In these cases it's easier to ship your project with the "Single Player Mode" flag set to true.

Currently Single Player mode is an experimental feature and disables many of Odyssey's included modules that depend on a server target. The list of features that do not work on Single Player projects are:

  • Odyssey default avatar system (single player mode requires custom player actor)
  • Configurator
  • spatial comms
  • Sketchfab model importer
  • Spatial media

The Odyssey team is prioritizing getting these disabled features back in Single Player mode, at which time we will remove the [experimental] flag.

Enabling Single Player Mode

  • Open the Project Settings
  • Go tothe Odyssey settings in the Engine settings section
  • Untick the 'Supports Multiplayer' property