Sharing and permissions

Once you've made a space, share it with the world.

Share with your team

Anyone that is a member of your current organization will be able to see any space you create within that organization.

The permission of these users depends on their organization role. admins and editors have can edit permissions on spaces, while viewers only have can view permissions.

Share with one person

You can invite people outside your organization by opening the Share menu.

When in a space, go to Share button at the top right.

Enter the person's email address in the space provided, choose a level of access from the dropdown (i.e. can view, can edit), and click Invite.

Share with the web

To make your space visible to anyone that has the link, you can turn on Publish space.

Anyone that joins through the Publish space method will have can view permissions. If you want any of these users to have edit access, you can invite them individually.


Permissions on spaces are easy to understand. All users have one of two permissions:

  • can edit: The user is able to add or edit content in the space.
  • can view: The user cannot edit any content in the space.