Add seats to your environment that Odyssey avatars can interact with.

Introduction to Seating

The basic tool to use to integrate the sitting functionality into a project is by using the BP_OdysseySittable blueprint actor.

Drag the BP_OdysseySittable blueprint actor into the level from the Odyssey category in the Place Actors panel. Replace the default Static mesh with the intended mesh.


Mesh object requirements

  • The mesh needs simple collisions built and its Collision Preset set to BlockAll
  • The mesh cannot have Nanite enabled (as this breaks the interact hover effect)

Converting a Static Mesh actor instance into an Odyssey Seat

You can also convert an existing instance of a Static Mesh actor into an Odyssey Sittable object.

This workflow might be more suited to projects that use baked lighting as these steps will not invalidate the baked lighting in the environment.

  1. Select the Static Mesh actor instance
  2. Enable the Static Mesh Replicate Movementproperty found in the Actor category
  3. Add the Odyssey Sitting Spot component and move it to the location where the sitting avatar's pelvis should be attached. The blue debug arrow starts at the location of the pelvis location and indicates the avatar's rotation when seated
  4. Add the BP_OdysseySittingInteractionCandidatecomponent. This component comes preconfigured and does not require property edits
Component hierarchy of an Odyssey Sittable object

Component hierarchy of an Odyssey Sittable object


Mesh object requirement

The same Mesh asset requirements apply as in the case of using BP_OdysseySittable

OdysseySittingSpot component

This component controls how the avatar is attached to the seat.


Allow character rotationWhen this property is toggled on, sitting avatar will rotate in place to follow camera direction. When it's off, the sitting avatar will always face the direction indicated by the blue arrow.

Allow character rotation toggled on

Allow character rotation toggled on

Allow character rotation toggled off

Allow character rotation toggled off