Player spawn volume

Used to spawn players within a multiplayer context

Introduction to Player Spawn Volume

Odyssey has a custom Player spawn volume that acts as a scalable spawning solution for multiplayer spaces. With the normal player spawn your users will spawn on top of each other, relying in server or client crashes or players going inside of the ground collider.

With the Player Spawn Volume players spawn randomly within a radius - eliminating any spawn issues within a multiplayer space.

You can place the Odyssey Player Spawn Volume into the level from the Odyssey category in the Place Actors panel.


Initial spawn rotationThis property is used to indicate the default rotation of a spawning avatar.

Multiple spawns

If you want to place multiple spawn volumes in the level that is possible as well! In the scenario avatars will get spawned at random from one of the volume locations.

Custom shapes

Odyssey Player Spawn Volume can take any shape, as explained in this tutorial.