Odyssey CMS

Odyssey CMS is an interface for placing elements that provide context, narrative, or interactivity to a space.

Intro to CMS

Odyssey allows you to place content elements in your space, on top of the Unreal Engine level.
We call these elements items, within the broader CMS system.

Even if you are using your own Unreal Engine level, working with items in Odyssey has some key benefits:

  • You can rapidly add functionality to your level without needing to recompile an Unreal project.
  • Some items like browsers or live streams aren't possible in Unreal (unless you have some serious devs on staff).
  • You are able to separate the workflows of 3D artists and content editors. Content editors can work safely inside of Odyssey to brand, theme, or customize the space.

Create a new item

To create an item first open Edit mode by toggling Edit mode on.

Once you've turned on Edit mode you can open the items panel with the button at the bottom the screen.

Select one of the many types of space items. Here we are using the Sketchfab integration, which you can learn more about here. If you've signed into Sketchfab all you need to do is a select a model and it will place it in the scene.

When an item is placed, you'll see a loading animation for a brief moment while it loads in.

Editing and moving items

When you have an item selected, you'll see the two properties panels:

  • The quick panel at the bottom of the screen, and
  • The expanded panel on the left side (this can be closed or opened with the More options buttons on the quick panel.

On the quick panel you can:

  • Adjust height
  • Rotate, around the item's center.
  • Scale
  • Snap to ground
  • Lock. This turns off all editing controls on the item (except to unlock).
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Open expanded panel

On the expanded panel you're able to:

  • Edit position, rotation, and scale, in fine detail.
  • Edit item properties. Properties that are specific to the item. This could be colliders, URLs, volume sliders, or many others.


To move an item you just click and drag it to its new position.