Members and permissions

Add members to collaborate within Odyssey.

Adding members to your organization

Adding members is your organization is easy, and you can add as many as you want on any plan.

Open up the Organization settings by clicking on the arrow next to your organization name.

To add a new member to your organization, go to Members and then Invite.

You can invite new members either through an email by adding emails to the input, selecting a role, and clicking Invite. The user will get an email that walks them through sign-up.

You can also add members through an Invite Link. You can use this to invite multiple people at once that all have the same role.


If you're concerned about the security of your invite link for whatever reason, you can always reset it by clicking the Reset link button. This will prevent previous links from working.

Member roles

Admins vs Editors vs Viewers

  • Admins: Have access to everything on an organization. Can add or edit members.
  • Editors: Can create and edit spaces. Cannot add new organization members.
  • Viewers: Can only view spaces, but cannot edit them. Also cannot add new members.