Spatial media

Spatial media is placeable elements that when interacted with show a "pop-up" style frame on the user's window.

Intro to Spatial Media

Spatial Media is useful for a variety of contexts. Some typical examples are:

  • You want to open media into a full-screen window with full resolution, upon interaction. For instance, Youtube or Vimeo videos.
  • You want to add additional context or information to items placed in the space.
  • You want to add mini-games, whiteboards, figma boards, or other browser-based resources that can be opened up by users.

Link Media

To add a Link Media to your space open up the items panel and select the Linktab.

You can choose whether you want this frame to either open up in Odyssey, or open directly to a new tab when interacted with.

Go ahead and add a URL and click Add.

Once created, you'll be able to customize the URL and add a title using the properties panel.

Exit Edit Mode to see the interaction.

Vimeo Media

Another media type available in Odyssey is Vimeo frames. You can use this to add a Vimeo video with a custom slimmed-down interface.

We added this media type to make the end user experience of watching a video as simple as possible. With just a normal vimeo embed (using a link frame), your users might for instance be able to navigate to other content within the embed window.

To add a vimeo frame, open up the video tab on the items panel. And then just add a valid vimeo video URL and click Add.

Exit Edit Mode to see your vimeo video upon interaction.