spatial comms spatial comms allow your users to communicate as if they were in the space together.

Intro to spatial comms

Odyssey has partnered with to integrate their spatial communication SDK as a scalable solution for multi-user scenarios where comms is required.

Connecting to's spatial communication layer is easy and requires no-code with a custom character class, (see: and comes pre-loaded with Odyssey's avatar class.

Spatial comms

When spatial comms are enabled your users will automatically join the Spatial audio channel in the space. When users are in this channel, they will be able to see other user's webcams (if enabled), and hear each other in a fully spatialized audio mix.

Users will naturally need to stand next to each other to hear one another, and volume will attenuate based on the distance from the speaker.

Users can manage their webcam and microphone preferences in the top right panel.


Huddle is another feature of comms module. Instead of spatialized comms, you can instantly connect to a global channel - to talk with people on the space no matter your location.

Connecting to huddle

You can connect to a space's huddle at any time by opening the participant menu and selecting the Join huddle button.

You can disconnect from huddle by selecting the Leave huddle button located in both the huddle and participant menu.


Connecting to huddle removes you from the spatial audio channel

Huddled users will be unable to communicate with users that are connected to the spatial audio channel.

Huddle invitations

To invite users to huddle, open the participant menu and select the Invite to Huddle button found next to the user's name you would like to invite.

You will receive a notification when another user has sent you a huddle invite. Select the Join Huddle button to accept the invite or the Dismiss button to ignore the invite and close the notification.

Sharing your screen

To start a screen share, select the screen share button in the huddle menu and select Present.

Select the tab or window you would like to present and select the Share button.

All huddled users will see the active screen share anchored in the top right corner of their screen. When a screen share begins, all users with huddle access will be notified that a screen share is active and can choose to join the huddle by selecting the Join Huddle button inside the notification.

You can choose to cast your screen share to all space streams by selecting the Cast to 3D screens option in the screen share menu. This feature will only be available if you have one or more streams in the space. Learn more about streams and how to add and manage them here.

You can end your screen share by selecting the Stop sharing button in your browser, or selecting the screen share button in Odyssey and selecting End presentation.


Screen share access

Screen share features are only available in huddle. Users that are not connected to huddle will be unable to see your screen share unless they join huddle or you cast your screen share to a stream item.

Restrict huddle access

Space administrators can restrict huddle access in the space settings, preventing viewers and visitors from connecting to huddle.

Useful if you want to build in a natural admin only channel within your space.