What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is a platform for deploying, managing, and customizing Unreal Engine projects. What that means is:

  • :fast-forward: Deploying Unreal Engine levels onto Odyssey is simple, and only takes minutes. Or you can choose one from our growing template marketplace.
  • :cloud: Your Unreal Engine level is available on the cloud, for any PC to connect to, no matter the specs. You only pay for active users, and can scale up to 1000 ccu.
  • :hammer: Networked avatars, spatial communication, share controls, and media and Sketchfab model importing are all available right out of the box, automatically.

Who uses Odyssey?

Odyssey is already being used by major brands and studios. Some of the use-cases we've seen so far are:

  • Architecture visualization: Arch-viz teams deploy their work on Odyssey to be able to collaborate with buyers and team-members in an Unreal Engine digital twin. They use Sketchfab to try out different design ideas on the spot.
  • Events: Brands use Odyssey to host virtual events, where participants are able to network in full spatial audio (and webcams), and experience presentations, galleries, and activations in a high-fidelity Unreal Engine environment.
  • Marketing activations: Marketing agencies use Odyssey to craft experiential activations for their clients. They use Odyssey's template marketplace for rapid iteration, or upload their own Unreal Engine projects for clients that require custom art direction.

Other ideas our customers are actively investigating are e-commerce, configurators, team meetings, 3D portfolios, and many, many more.